Contortions for free tonight at Barnard!

This is just a reminder about the free Contortions show tonight at Barnard uptown. We posted about it here a couple of weeks ago, and you can see the event page on Facebook here. Hope to see you at the show!


The Deep Blue Moods (Chance, Zorn, Ribot) at The Cooler, NYC 9.28.95

James Chance, Robert Aaron, AJ Mantas, Ron Miller, Richard Dworkin, John Zorn, and Marc Ribot, performing Ain't Nobodies Business If I Do, Yesterdays, Leave My Girl Alone (with Luther Thomas and Judy Taylor). Filmed by Rich Spezialo. September 28, 1995 at The Cooler in NYC.


James Chance & The Contortions - Max's Kansas City (1978)

The Contortions, CBGB, 1978, by Eugene Merinov
The original Contortions live at Max's Kansas City, 1978, New York NY. James Chance, Jody Harris, Pat Place, George Scott, and Don Christenson.
01. Roving Eye
02. Twice Removed
03. I Can't Stand Myself
04. Disposable You
05. Throw Me Away
06. Bedroom Athlete (excerpt)
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My Brother Is James Chance by Jamie Levinson

A short documentary chronicling the musical relationship between David Siegfried and his older brother, James Chance. Directed by Jamie Levinson.


TV Party by Bobby Grossman

James Chance & Anya Philips on the set of Glenn O'Brien's TV Party. By Bobby Grossman.

March 11, 1978

This street poster advertises a “No Wave” rock concert to raise money to print the third issue of X Magazine.  Some of the groups that performed — the Contortions and DNA –  were later recorded by Brian Eno for the seminal “No New York” album.  This poster is not to be confused with the similar-looking, smaller version that was featured as the centerfold in the third issue of X Magazine and thanked the bands for their help. The item for sale here is the original; it is larger, printed on better paper,  and exceedingly rare. Poster available from 98 Bowery.


The Molotov Cocktail Lounge, Parkside Lounge, 12.6.12

12.06.12 - NYC - Parkside Lounge, 317 E Houston
James Chance presents: The Return of the Molotov Cocktail Lounge flaming funk DJ dance party featuring the rarest & funkiest music you've never heard with live sax & vocals by Mr. Chance himself & special preview of new Contortions album "Incorrigible!" plus live set at 10:00 with James Chance at the piano & Robert Aaron on tenor sax.

Discography page

The James Chance discography page has been updated, and is almost complete, including purchase links. View it here.


I Can't Stand Myself

The original line up of the Contortions performs James Brown's "I Can't Stand Myself" at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City, Nov. 13, 2010.Thanks to Punkcast for the video.

NYC gig, Nov. 30

As promised, here is more info on James' free gig on Nov. 30 up at Barnard:

Friday, November 30, 2012 
7:30pm until 11:30pm

Winter 2013 European Tour Dates

These have just come in, and there should be a few more. Please check back!

Feb 14 NANTES - Pole Etudiant (à confirmer )
Feb 15 CREIL - GAM
Feb 16 VERDUN - La Passerelle
Feb 19 Rennes - James DJ set @ Bistro Cité
Feb 20 RENNES - Ubu
Feb 21 PARIS - Silencio
Feb 22 AMSTERDAM - Petrol
Feb 24 TOURNAI - Water Moulin
Feb 25 LONDON - Jazz Café
Feb 26 BRUXELLES - Magasin 4
Feb 27 PARIS - Petit Bain
Feb 28 COLOGNE - Gebaude9
Mar 01 STRASBOURG - Laiterie
Mar 02 Germany, to be confirmed

Mar 06 TOURS - Temps Machine
Mar 07 LYON - Sonic
Mar 08 CLERMONT FD - La Coope


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James Chance For President

James Chance: Sax Machine

Here's a great short film shot with James in 2010 on the occasion of the release of his album, The Fix Is In. Available here.

Sept 23, 1979: The M-80 Festival, Minneapolis MN

The Contortions (James Chance, Patrick Geoffries, Kristian Hoffman, Melvin Gibbs, Ronnie Burrage, Joe Bowie, Byron Bowie, Steven Kramer, & Bradley Field) performing "Contort Yourself" and "Good Times" by Chic, Sept. 23, 1979, at the M-80 Festival in Minneapolis MN. 


Paul Tschinkel's InnerTube - The Contortions (1979)

New York's premiere no wave band, The Contortions, performing at Max's Kansas City in 1979 as filmed for Paul Tschinkel's Innertube.


Gig news: Nov. 30 at Barnard College

James will be headlining a FREE NYC show with the Contortions at Barnard College on Nov. 30. It will take place at Diana East Oval on 117th & Broadway with support from Midnight Magic & Household. James plays at at 10:00PM. More info to come!

Belgium 1981

Belgium 1981

Coming soon!