Sept 23, 1979: The M-80 Festival, Minneapolis MN

The Contortions (James Chance, Patrick Geoffries, Kristian Hoffman, Melvin Gibbs, Ronnie Burrage, Joe Bowie, Byron Bowie, Steven Kramer, & Bradley Field) performing "Contort Yourself" and "Good Times" by Chic, Sept. 23, 1979, at the M-80 Festival in Minneapolis MN. 


Weasel Walter said...

yo. M-80, despite it's name, took place on two nights in september '79. the contortions performance was on september 23, 1979. i'll get back to you guys with the correct personnel when i get a minute.

love ya.

weasel walter

Tim Broun said...

Thanks for the update WW. I'll make the necessary changes. I was working with the dates JC gave me.

DJ Huk said...

That version of Good Times blows the original away, for good.