James Chance, Andrew WK, ?uestlove, Kim Gordon, at Red Bull Academy, May 1

As Tiny Mixtapes reports, James will be appearing at the Red Bull Academy at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple on May 1 along with an all star line up of musicians for an evening of improvisation. Read about the event & get your tickets here.


Sept 23, 1979: The M-80 Festival, Minneapolis MN (Part 2)

Here's a rare bit of history - an actual ticket stub from the M-80 Festival held in Minneapolis in September 1979 where the Contortions appeared. We've posted video footage of this before.


Anya Phillips by Edo Bertoglio (1979)

As we await James' return from the tour, we take a moment to share this beautiful image of Anya Phillips, taken from a recent New York Magazine piece on women of the NY post punk scene, as photographed by Edo Bertoglio in 1979. See the entire story here.