James Chance & Les Contortions Live in Milan at Lofi, May 22, 2016

Happy Saturday night everyone. Thanks to Luca, the sound man at Lo Fi Milano, for this recording of the May 22, 2016, gig by James & Les Contortions!

Setlist (Compositions by James Chance except where noted): 
01. Designed To Kill 
02. Home Is Where the Hatred Is (Gil Scot Heron) 
03. Do the Splurge 
04. Street With No Name 
05. Jaded 
06. Melt Yourself Down 
07. Disposable You 
08. Put Me Back In My Cage 
09. No Pity In the Naked City (Jackie Wilson/Alonzo Tucker) 
10. Contort Yourself 
11. I Can't Stand Myself (James Brown)