History in the making...Brian Eno watches The Contortions

This photo by Julia Gorton popped up on Facebook yesterday, and I hadn't thought about it for some time. Eno seems to be looking at the camera and thinking, "Hmm...maybe I should put together a compilation called No New York..." And who knows...Perhaps this was snapped the evening that idea was born?

Gorton, who I don't know much about, was around the No Wave scene quite a bit as evidenced by the use of her photos in books such as No Wave: Post-Punk. Underground. New York. 1976-1980 and No Wave, and quite a few record sleeves. Unfortunately she doesn't seem to have a website of her work at this time.


James White & The Blacks, 1980

As James makes his way across western Europe, our friends at Bedazzled have shared this nice little collection of four songs by James White & The Blacks, taped live back in May of 1980. Note the gorgeous pink satin jacket James is sporting!

01. I Feel Good 
02. King Heroin 
03. Put Me Back In My Cage 
04. Contort Yourself 


New Year's Eve in Milwaukee with James Chance

photo source
Here's a short playlist of five videos from James' new year's eve performance at the Circle A in Milwaukee on Dec 31/Jan 1. Pop some bubbly and enjoy! Thanks to Dave for shooting these.

Melt yourself down with ROIR for Valentines Day

Our friends at the ROIR label are offering a 10 track compilation for free download for Valentines Day. It includes James' "Melt Yourself Down" from the Lost Chance album as well as many other like-minded favorites...Grab it here.


Last night's gig

A rather noir-ish shot of James at the keyboard last night at the 206 Lounge gig on Sullivan Street. His European tour starts on Feb 14. See all of the dates here. Check out James' story on his favorite film noir movies over at Perfect Sound Forever. Thanks to Emma Z. for the shot.