All About Jazz: James Chance and Les Contortions in Cologne, Germany, 02.28.13

AllAboutJazz.com reviews James' February 28 gig in Cologne, Germany, and liked what they heard.

"James Chance—still influential after his role as a catalyst in New York City's seventies-based No Wave movement—proved his enduring career amidst the upper creative edges is no novelty act.
Chance and his cohesive French backing trio (bassist Jacques Auvergne, guitarist Pierre Fablet and drummer Alex Tua) showed it was just as suited to tasks of timbre and turmoil as its namesake; more punkish progenitors, the group brought a rollicking, hundred minute set to an appreciative audience ready to swing hard and low. Chance provided an electrified outlet for the feeling. The small club, in a busy artists' colony of remodeled warehouses, heated to a boil." Continued here.


Le Petit Bain 02.22.2013

Vinz Guyot took a bunch of wonderful photos of James in action in Paris on Feb 22 at Le Petit Bain. We've posted a few here for you, and you can see the entire set on Facebook here.